Brain Crash: 

How I Made The Journey Back From The Abyss

This Story Has Multiple Parts


The Beginning Of The End

I never thought that this would happen to me, after trying just one measly dose of brain support supplements at a Functional Medicine seminar.

But what can I say.

It did.

And I am still here to tell the events that caused my mental and cognitive functions to collapse...almost overnight.

So, yeah, I dose of all-natural "high quality" brain nootropics, which were concentrated extracts of adaptogenic herbs, korean ginseng, some kind of choline-boosting products...and bam!!

That first night...I could not get to sleep all dang night. 

I was tossing and turning and could not get to sleep all night until the early dawn.

It was those dang supplements at that Brain Health seminar I was attending as part of my continuing education requirements for renewing my California Acupuncture license.

That next day, I felt just a little jittery and anxious...but not horrible.

And by the end of the 3rd day after taking that one dose of supplements....I could tell my nerves were feeling a little off.

I was still running on this nervous energy, ever since I took that one dose of supplements.

By Monday afternoon, after getting home from San Francisco, and going to my office to go see patients...I started to feel this burning sensation crawling inside of my scalp from the back of my neck.

Imagine like a weird feeling of sparks and firecrackers moving up the backside of your scalp.

I could tell that this was not your typical "strange" sensation, and I knew it was all a direct result of how strong those supplements were that I had just taken a few days before.

But it was a little too late.

Things started developing so fast, I didn't have time to even think about what to do about it.

The next morning, my arms and wrists started locking up on me ( a lot like early-stage Parkinson's disease).

I was having extreme anxiety and panic-like sensations in my body for no reason.

And my energy felt completely drained!!

I had been tired and felt burned out before...but this was different.

It felt like my entire battery system was unplugged and my whole nervous system was starting to fail as a result.

And it did. 

First my brain was being attacked by inflammation.

Then my nervous system started shutting down.

Which then caused my Adrenal glands and Kidneys to shut down.

Next came my Gut....


Just After The Beginning Of The End

Remember, this all happened in less than a week of taking those supplements at a Functional Medicine Functional Neurology 3-day seminar I attended in September 2017.

I am relating to you what was happening just days later.

So after these intense neurological symptoms had developed...and my energy felt completely wiped out....


Then my Gut...completely tanked!

No gets worse.

So, I had been treating patients with Leaky Gut Syndrome for over 10 years by this time.

I had first heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome around 1999, when I first really was getting into nutrition as teenager, studying Weston A. Price and reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

Anyways, I had knowledge of leaky gut syndrome. 

I had treated many clients with Leaky Gut syndrome for many years. I know what it FELT like to have Leaky Gut Syndrome.

I couldn't even swallow water without hurting my stomach.

I think, by far, this gut pain was one of the worst symptoms this whole episode had caused me...(But not the worst....that was yet to come).

So for a whole week, anytime I swallowed anything, food or upset my gut terribly so.

I started to use a powdered leaky gut formula....and it really did seem to help.

In fact, I started taking massive amounts of all kinds of natural supplements that I had in my office and my home medicine cabinet.

I was stocked to the teeth with high-quality supplements.

But the fight had really just begun.

And I was still trying to go to work and see patients while all this was happening.

After this 2nd week of health chaos...I could tell, my brain was feeling kind of felt blocked somehow.

Man my gut was messed up...

I started having blood in my stool, and this would continue daily for the next 5 months.

(When the blood in my stool finally was resolved, I knew I had conquered a major milestone....But wait, that's skipping ahead)

Then I could tell that my Liver was also ...kinda ...sorta ... shutting down and getting really toxic.

That's right, my brain, my adrenals, my kidneys, my nervous system, my gut...and now my Liver was failing me.

(For crying out loud!)

I knew this because I began to have this intense bitter taste in my mouth and in the back of my throat.

Toxins were backing up into my blood....and I could feel them getting up into my skull ...and causing more damage and inflammation to my brain tissues. weekends consisted of me....laying on my bed.....all day long..

Feeling pretty much like a freaking ZOMBIE!

My brain was pretty much gone. I couldn't think...or remember much of my life.

It was all a blur.

I wasn't able to think too much about too much.

But whenever I was able to get myself together just enough to go take supplements, I would feel some relief from the high quality specialized supplements that I had available in my home.

 ( It is so hard just to take care of yourself when you feel this bad...just taking supplements was beyond my capacity).

" My Mind is Going...I can Feel it"...


The End Of The Beginning Of The End

So now, about 5 weeks after taking those supplements, my whole body felt sick, from the Leaky Gut causing toxins and pathogens to leak into my bloodstream, causing massive inflammation all over my body and brain.

I could still barely eat any food without feeling extremely sensitive. Either my gut would feel horrible and I would have blood in my stools, or my brain and body would feel inflamed and sick all over.

I was taking lots of natural adrenal support herbs and glandulars because my energy was just so low, I could barely do anything.

 And every day around 3 pm, it felt like a sledgehammer had smacked me over the head and I would just collapse, I was tired and my brain was just shutting down.

I tried eliminating all foods to see what was triggering my gut ad brain to get so inflamed all the time.

Around this time, I started feeling like my heart was shutting a little bit too.

As brain was not getting enough blood supply or oxygen.

I could feel my brain suffocating from the lack of blood supply being pumped up by my heart.

I also found it hard to walk or stand up properly at times.

It was basically multiple sclerosis, as my brain continued to feel like it was being attacked or poisoned almost daily.

This, along with the feeling like I might have a stroke at any moment...was when I would say to myself...."I hope I don't die today".

Yeah, so while this was going on almost every day...

My memory and focus was pretty much shot.

I couldn't really remember my life very well. I had really lost most of my personality.

I was kind of in a state of shock.

I realized that my nervous system was kind of paralyzed in a state of "panic attack" but I didn't even notice it until one day...I just stressed out I was.

I really worked on learning to relax my nervous system and my brain and my body...and really get my "parasympathetic branch" of my nervous system working know...the VAGUS nerve!

I was learning how to relax, just in order to keep my blood flowing.

I had so much tension in my neck and my scalp and I could feel how this huge amount of tension was actually blocking blood and oxygen from getting up to my brain as well, so I developed tons of neck stretches and exercises to help relax the fascia and stretch the cervical vertebra and muscles so that energy and blood could get up to my brain (this was crucial to my brain recovery!).

But I was still crashing every afternoon, even while taking tons of high quality adrenal support and brain support herbs and nutrients.

I was slowly recovering...but my brain was still really out of it, and my muscular strength had diminished so much in the past 8 months.

I tried to exercise, but it was just so difficult since I felt so weak and exhausted still al the time.

I eventually decided to source my own ingredients and develop my own nutritional and herbal formula to help restore my brain's energy, memory and neurological functions using some products like DL phenylalanine, Phosphatidyl choline, L-Theanine, Pantothenic acid, Niacinamide, Pyritoxal-5-Phosphate, Magnesium, Zinc, L-Theanine, Bacopa Monneira, Lion's Mane, Reishi mushroom, and Eleuthero....

After the first dose... I couldn't believe it. My brain felt better than it had in basically a year.

I had mental clarity...I had memories... I could feel the strength in my body come alive.

But I overdosed after 3 days by taking too much...and my Liver and gut felt awful..and I had a massive headache, pounding in my skull...(too much zinc and choline probably).

So, I went back to my brand new laboratory and I made up an anti-inflammatory headache medicine with Feverfew, Resveratrol, Turmeric and several other high antioxidant bioflavonoid rich herbs like schizandra berries and grape seed extract.

It also worked like a charm.

I couldn't believe how much powerful my own formulations were working than all the other products that I had been trying by other supplement manufacturer's.

It was quite alarming how effective my new formulas were working so well.

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