What is NeuroFascial Release Technique ( NFRT ) ?


NeuroFascial Release Technique is combination of hands on (or off ) modalities that help to relax the fascia, which is the connective tissue surrounding all muscles, bones, ligaments and structures throughout the body and nervous system

By tuning in to the vibrations and frequencies that are radiating from the nerves, blood vessels, brain waves, and autonomic functions, we can very accurately discover and diagnose muscular adhesions, vascular blockages, and other ways that the body holds onto trauma and old stress patterns within the Fascia, muscles, and organs, etc.


The Nerves Control The Body

Every function in every tissue of the body is being regulated and controlled by the brain and nervous system:  muscles, ligaments, fascia, heart, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, bladder and endocrine glands.

If too many repetitive “stress signals” and autonomic responses travel from the brain stem and limbic system, down the spine and to the peripheral branches of the nerves that innervate these muscles, organs and fascia,  these muscles can get locked up and your internal organs can shut down and stop working altogether.

Neuro-Fascial Release Technique NFRT can radically reduce tension throughout the body, while also improving the blood flow and circulation of cerebrospinal fluids up and down the spine, thus improving many neurological functions of the brain and tissues around the body.

 NFRT synthesizes different hands on modalities such as acupressure, Active Release Technique, and even Reiki, but it is most closely related to Osteopathic techniques and CranioSacral therapy.

The major difference between NFRT and Craniosacral therapy is that the range of different techniques we employ when performing NFRT is more broad and varied, and shares some techniques with CranioSacral therapy, but with definite differences in the practical methods used to help release trauma, fascial adhesions and other forms of stress signals trapped in the fascia, brain stem and motor cortex.




Regulate The Autonomic Nervous System


Relax The Fascia


Clear Out Blockages


Integrate Blocked Energy (Trauma Integration)

If you are ready to start healing your nervous system, and release the fascia and energy blockages that are keeping you feeling stuck and blocked, click below to see available times and book your appointment online!

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